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Most of us wonder if we are saving enough for retirement. The key to easing those fears is to be informed about different saving vehicles and investment options. Companies and nonprofit organizations recognize this need and have created Websites that include tools and information to encourage individuals to save and be better prepared for retirement. This is the intent of Women’s Institute for a Secure Retirement (WISER),( main focus of WISER is to educate women according to their unique needs: Research shows that women live longer than men and have a shorter work history, lesser pension plan coverage, and less financial security. Furthermore, when women do have extra money, rather than save or invest that money, they tend to spend it on their children, their home, or their family. WISER is a nonprofit organization that provides educational literature and workshops to help women understand aging and retirement issues. The WISER Website includes fact sheets, booklets, and a quarterly newsletter that focus on universal financial challenges such as Social Security, pensions, divorce, pay equity, savings and investing, banking, home ownership, and disability insurance. WISER’s unique feature is that it offers a perspective tailored to the needs of women.

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Camacho, L. (2008). The women's institute for a secure retirement (WISER). Journal of Business & Finance Librarianship, 13(4)

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