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Today, 53 million Latinos live in the US, and Latino Stats provides an informative, positive portrait of this fast-growing population group. T he book, written by Malavé and Giordani, a Hispanic American mother and daughter research team, provides statistical data gathered primarily from government, private sector, nonprofit, and media sources. Ten chapters cover the basics of immigration, voting and politics, jobs and the economy, family and community, youth and education, health and environment, criminal justice, entertainment, technology, and sports and identity. Each chapter starts with a quote from a famous Hispanic American followed by a short introduction and a section called “Snap Stats,” which clarifies noteworthy misconceptions about these diverse groups. The bulk of each chapter is presented as a statistical question-and-answer section called “By the Numbers.” The book is well-written and well-organized, contains an extensive bibliography, and is instructive for students gathering statistical information because the authors consistently provide extensive notes pointing to the sources. Latino Stats is also an excellent resource for advocates, educators, and policy makers who want to raise awareness and increase understanding of American Hispanics.

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