teacher education, teacher recruitment, teacher profession, teacher shortage, perceptions on the teaching profession, career choice, high school students, self-efficacy


This study examines factors that influence high school students’ willingness to consider teaching as a career. Using predictive modeling, we identified five factors that are highly predictive of a students’ willingness to consider teaching and their belief that teaching is their best career option. Results indicated that high school students were more likely to consider teaching when they had confidence in their ability to be good teachers, when family members and others encouraged them to become teachers, and when they felt their community supported teachers. Most of those who considered teaching thought of themselves as average students. Less impactful factors included gender and pay. Additionally, this study found students less likely to consider work conditions for teachers when making career choices.

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Christensen, S., Davies, R. Hanks, J., Harris, S., & Bowles, B. (2019). Teacher Recruitment: Factors That Predict High School Students’ Willingness to Become Teachers. Education Sciences, 9, 282. 1-12. doi:10.3390/educsci9040282

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Peer-Reviewed Article

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Education Sciences




David O. McKay School of Education


Instructional Psychology and Technology

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