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For the nine papers that appear in this special issue, we identified three main organizing themes: (1) Understudied aspects of family financial socialization, (2) Individuals or couples in different-sex romantic relationships, and (3) Finances and perceived parent–child relationships. In this introduction, we describe the main points of each of these papers within each theme. We also discuss what we have learned from these papers (e.g., finances assessed using eight different datasets; range of samples including adults repaying loans, newlywed couples, and a nationally representative sample of U.S. college students) as well as what future research questions remain (e.g., financial studies specific to samples from outside the US, data from two or more members of the household, data from sexual minority couples). For a summary of the sample, type of data, data collection method, and research questions and hypotheses for each paper included in the special issue, please see Table 1.

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Curran, M. A., LeBaron-Black, A. B., Li, X., & Totenhagen, C. (2021). Introduction to the special issue on couples, families, and finance. Journal of Family and Economic Issues, 42,215-224.

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