Monte Carlo methods, geophysical signal processing, image enhancement, image reconstruction, image resolution, image sampling, radar imaging, radar resolution, remote sensing by radar, spaceborne radar


While high resolution, regularly gridded observations are generally preferred in remote sensing, actual observations are often not evenly sampled and have lower-than-desired resolution. Hence, there is an interest in resolution enhancement and image reconstruction. This paper discusses a general theory and techniques for image reconstruction and creating enhanced resolution images from irregularly sampled data. Using irregular sampling theory, we consider how the frequency content in aperture function-attenuated sidelobes can be recovered from oversampled data using reconstruction techniques, thus taking advantage of the high frequency content of measurements made with nonideal aperture filters. We show that with minor modification, the algebraic reconstruction technique (ART) is functionally equivalent to Grochenig's (1992) irregular sampling reconstruction algorithm. Using simple Monte Carlo simulations, we compare and contrast the performance of additive ART, multiplicative ART, and the scatterometer image reconstruction (SIR) (a derivative of multiplicative ART) algorithms with and without noise. The reconstruction theory and techniques have applications with a variety of sensors and can enable enhanced resolution image production from many nonimaging sensors. The technique is illustrated with ERS-2 and SeaWinds scatterometer data.

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Early, D. S., and D. G. Long. "Image Reconstruction and Enhanced Resolution Imaging from Irregular Samples." Geoscience and Remote Sensing, IEEE Transactions on 39.2 (21): 291-32

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Peer-Reviewed Article

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