ethane, molecular simulations, ab initio calculations


Counterpoise-corrected, supermolecule, ab initio energies obtained at the MP2/6-311+G(3df, 2pd) level were computed for 22 different relative orientations of two ethane molecules as a function of the separation distance between the molecular centers. These energies were used to regress the parameters in several simple, analytical, interatomic or site-site models that can be used for implementation in molecular simulations. Sensitivity analysis indicated that the inter molecular potential surface is insensitive to the C-C interactions and that the parameters in the C-C model are coupled and unobtainable from the dimer energies. Representation of the potential surface can be made in terms of the C-H and H-H interatomic potentials if the C-C interactions are treated as shielded. Simple Lennard-Jones and exp-6 models do not adequately represent the potential surface using these shielded models, nor do they produce the anticipated physics for the interatomic potentials. The exp-6 model with a damping function and the modified-Morse interatomic potentials both reproduce the intermolecular potential surface well with physically realistic intersite potentials suitable for use in molecular dynamics simulations.

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R.L. Rowley, Y. Yang, and T.A. Pakkanen, "Determination of an ethane intermolecular potential model for use in molecular simulations from ab initio calculations", J. Chem. Phys. 114, 659 (21)

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Peer-Reviewed Article

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