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We have each been given a name. With this given name we are known among our families, friends and other associates. Our name becomes an integral part of our identity. A common and important place where a person is addressed by name is in educational school settings, more specifically in a school setting, including in physical education (PE) classes. The physical education setting offers many opportunities for teachers and students to use student names. The purpose of this study was to investigate the use of PE teachers using their student’s given name, along with how it affects students. For this study 278 junior high school students (165 males & 113 females) were surveyed regarding teachers using student names in PE class. The results from this study found that junior high PE students liked when their PE teacher used their name, that their PE teacher used the first name when they were being spoken to. From these results, it is hoped that PE teachers seriously consider this aspect of pedagogy of using student names as they interact with their students.

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