Chapter 16: Current and Future Directions of Blended Learning and Teaching in Asia


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In this chapter, we discuss the current state of blended learning (BL) and its impacts on inclusive and quality higher education in Asia through the lens of seven strategic dimensions that have previously been outlined by the authors (Lim, Wang, & Graham, 2019) for implementing BL in higher education. The seven dimensions include 1) curriculum; 2) vision and policy alignment; 3) infrastructure, facilities, resources, hardware and support; 4) professional development; 5) student learning support; 6) partnerships; and 7) research and evaluation. We then present insights gleaned from each chapter as they relate to the dimensions of the framework for the strategic planning of BL. As we synthesise the insights and identify the missing links, we discuss six key recommendations and directions for Asian universities as they continue to develop their capacity for BL into the future. First, while Asia can learn from the research done as BL becomes the new normal globally, many issues may be unique to the learning culture and issues in Asia. Second, there needs to be a better alignment between BL to current theories of learning, including how those theories may be modified or creating new theories. Third, congruence building between an institutional shared vision and individual practices of BL needs to be a concerted effort between higher education institution (HEI) leadership and BL practitioners. Fourth, pedagogy and teacher professional development should be prioritised areas for HEIs’ BL capacity building. Fifth, HEIs need to re-envision the role of libraries and be more explicit in how BL can be supported by library services offered. And finally, HEIs need to respond to the rise of K-12 BL to achieve greater inclusive and quality higher education agenda.

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Zaugg, H., Graham, C. R., Lim, C. P., & Wang, T. (2021) Chapter 16: Current and future directions of blended learning and teaching in Asia. In C. Graham, & C. P. Lim (eds.), Blended Learning for Quality Access in Asian Universities, Springer Nature.

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