nursing research, evidence-based practice, Magnet Recognition, education–service partnerships, quality improvement


Hospitals in a nonprofit mountain west corporation conducted a gap analysis to determine readiness for Magnet Recognition. Major gaps included nursing research and availability of consultation and resources for research. Based on the findings, the development of a dynamic research program promoting nursing research and evidence-based practice within hospitals was undertaken. A nursing research council was reestablished with representatives from service and academia. A literature review and analysis of corporate/academia resources were completed. The plan called for a nursing research coordinator position and development of a research budget. Academia continues to be represented on the hospital institutional review board. A semiannual research symposium including poster presentations by nursing staff and nursing students was implemented. The plan calls for development of a research fellowship program and unit-based evidence-based specialists. With administrative support and resources and partnering with nursing academia, nonteaching hospitals can develop successful dynamic nursing research and evidence-based practice programs.

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Ravert, P & Collette-Merrill, K. (2008). Hospital nursing research program: Partnership of service and academia. Journal of Professional Nursing, 24(1), 54-58.

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