Instagrowth: A Longitudinal Growth Mixture Model of Social Media Time Use Across Adolescence

Sarah M. Coyne
Laura M. Padilla-Walker, Brigham Young University
Hailey G. Holmgren
Laura M. Stockdale


This study examined differential patterns of time spent using social media in a sample of 457 adolescents over a 6‐year period. The majority of adolescents (83%), termed moderate users, reported steady social media use over time. A second group (increasers: 12%) reported low social media use that increased gradually and ended high at the end of the study. A third group, called peak users (6%), reported low social media that increased quickly after a few years and then returned to baseline levels. Low self‐regulation predicted being an increaser or peak user. Being a moderate user tended to be related to lower levels of depression, aggression, delinquency, social media problems, and cyberbullying across time, as compared with the other groups.