Arc Hydro Groundwater Data Model And Tools: Overview and Use Cases


GIS, groundwater, databases, hydrogeology, modeling


Arc Hydro Groundwater is a geographic data model, and a set of associated tools for representing groundwater information within a geographic information system (GIS). This paper describes some of the basic data structures defined by the data model and dem- onstrates how these together with the tools support common GIS- based workflows. Example workflows are the creation of water level and water quality maps from well and time series data, the develop- ment of 3D hydrogeologic models (including the generation of 3D features for representing fence diagrams and volume models) from borehole stratigraphy, and the creation of 2D cross sections from GIS features and from existing cross section images. We also present the MODFLOW data model, which is an extension to the ground- water data model specifically designed to support the integration of MODFLOW models into a GIS. The MODFLOW data model and associated tools support the integration of complete MODFLOW models into a spatial database (geodatabase), on top of which cus- tom workflows can be developed. This capability is demonstrated by a well-permitting workflow developed to automate the process of editing a MODFLOW model, running scenarios, and creating maps that support approval/rejection of well applications.

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Strassberg, G., Jones, N., "Arc Hydro Groundwater Data Model and Tools: Overview and Use Cases," AQUA mundi, Vol. 1, No. 2, December 2010, pp. 101-114.

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