A Random Sample of Current Research


marital stability, marital happiness, divorce, suicidal risk factors, treatment duration, adolescent, parents, attachment and adjustment, college-age adolescents, effective therapy, third-party payers, therapy goals, reviews of psychotherapy research


This article is a review of clinical research composed by Lee N. Johnson, PhD. Dr. Johnson discusses these research articles and their relevance to the practicing clinician. The following articles are discussed: the prediction of marital stability and marital happiness, an investigation in the timing of divorce, both authored by John Gottman; the third article reviews a 20 year prospective study of risk factors associated with suicide (by Brown, Beck, Steer, & Grisham); the fourth is a review of a study on the prediction of treatment duration in private practice (by Mueller & Pekarik); the fifth is a discussion of outcome effects of therapy (Shadish, Matt, Navarro, & Phillips). Dr. Johnson reviews an article that presents a self-report measure for adolescent parental attachment and its relation to adjustment (Vivona).

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Johnson, L. N. (2001). Research update: A random sample of current research. Journal of Activities, Assignments, and Handouts in Psychotherapy Practice 1(2), 99-108.

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Peer-Reviewed Article

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