Risk factors for youth violence: Youth violence commission, International Society For Research On Aggression (ISRA)


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In March 2018, the President of the International Society for Research on Aggression (ISRA), Mike Potegal, appointed a special commission to prepare a report on youth violence. This commission was “charged with the task of producing a public statement on the known risk factors for youth violence, based on the current state of scientific knowledge. If the Commission finds sufficient evidence of harmful effects, then its public statement may include public policy recommendations.” What follows is the final report of the Youth Violence Commission, delivered in March 2018.This report was written by a group of ISRA researchers with expertise on youth violence. This report is based on a previous youth violence report (Bushman et al., 2016), but it is shorter in length, more accessible in language, contains additional material, and is more up‐to‐date.

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Bushman, B. J., Coyne, S. M., Anderson, C. A., Björkvist, K., Boxer, P., Dodge, K., Farrington, D. P., Gentile, D. A., Huesmann, L. R., Lansford, J. E., Novaco, R., Ostrov, J. M., Underwood, M., Warburton, W., & Ybarra, M. (2018). Risk factors for youth violence. Aggressive Behavior, 44, 331-336

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