The Words of C.S. Lewis as Used by the Leadership of the LDS Church


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Along with many Christians, members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints1 paraphrase, quote, and revere British Christian author Clive Staples Lewis. Deseret Book, whose clientele is mostly LDS, sold over 2,000 volumes by C. S. Lewis in 1997 alone.2 On any given Sunday, the words of this non-Mormon are heard over the pulpits of LDS congregations. The reverence in which Lewis is held by Mormons parallels his reputation nationally. Church members often quote Lewis, perhaps following the example of Church leaders who also use his words. This article explores the frequent reference of LDS leaders to the works of C. S. Lewis. This study is not exhaustive; however, it does portray the predominant view of LDS leadership with regard to C. S. Lewis. The research centers on cited references found in official LDS General Conferences addresses and books authored by LDS General Authorities.

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Woodger, Mary Jane, “The Words of C. S. Lewis as Used by the Leadership of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints,” Harvest, Dallis Robbins ed. February, 2000. , 1-13.

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