“That They Might Rest Where the Ashes of the Latter-day Saints Reposed”: The Far West, Missouri, Burial Ground


Far West Missouri, Mormon history, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints


Located in Mirabile Township in Caldwell County, Far West, Missouri, was a relatively short-lived Latter-day Saint community, existing from 1836 to 1839. Before Far West was established, Jackson County (situated south of the Missouri River) served as the main gathering place from 1831 to 1833. However, in late 1833, violence erupted between Jackson’s citizenry and the Mormons, resulting in their expulsion from the county1 At the time of their removal, most Church members relocated to the north in Clay County, where the citizens were considerably more receptive than Jackson’s old-time settlers. However, Clay’s citizens never expected the Saints to remain in the county permanently, and by the early summer of 1836 continued immigration into the region led to increased tensions and threats of renewed hostilities. On June 29, a committee of citizen leaders drafted a lengthy petition requesting that the Latter-day Saints relocate, promising assistance in removing peaceably

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“‘That They Might Rest Where the Ashes of the Latter-day Saints Reposed’: The Far West, Missouri, Burial Ground,” Mormon Historical Studies 9, no. 1 (Spring 2008): 135–42, coauthored with Michael S. Riggs.

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