Is There a Racial Wage Gap in Research Libraries? An Analysis of ARL Libraries


wage gap, race, pay inequality, ARL libraries, ARL


Racial equality has been of great importance to the Association of Research Libraries (ARL), as seen through various initiatives. However, in recent years, little research has been done regarding the racial wage gap in ARL libraries. Researchers used thirty-five years of raw ARL salary survey data to examine the wage gap between racial minorities and nonminorities (whites). Using this data, researchers created a model that controlled for institution, years of experience, years of experience squared, position, law or medical library, and sex to better understand the nature of the racial wage gap. This model shows that the gap has gradually closed over the years and that there is no longer a statistically significant wage gap between racial minorities and nonminorities in ARL libraries today.

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Galbraith, Q., Kelley, H., & Groesbeck, M. (2018). Is there a racial wage gap in research libraries? An analysis of ARL Libraries. College & Research Libraries 79(7), 863-875. doi: 10.5860/crl.79.7.863.

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