Immigration, Deportation, and Discrimination: Hispanic Political Opinion Since the Election of Donald Trump


immigration, Donald Trump, discrimination, Hispanic, undocumented


Both the campaign and subsequent election of Donald Trump have brought about marked changes in the overall tone of American political discourse. It is thought that these changes have been particularly disruptive to the public’s view of Hispanic immigration. To evaluate the current state of Hispanic political opinion regarding immigration, this study draws upon data from a survey conducted in January 2018 of 1,080 people of Hispanic descent currently living in the United States or Puerto Rico. Researchers looked at the impact of age, gender, language preference, time lived in the United States, and knowing an undocumented immigrant on participants’ views of immigration. Taking the survey in Spanish and knowing an undocumented immigrant were found to be the most influential factors in determining a favorable view of undocumented immigrants as well as a perceived increase in discrimination toward Hispanics since Trump’s election.

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Callister, A. H., Galbraith, Q., & Galbraith, S. (2019). Immigration, deportation, and discrimination: Hispanic political opinion since the election of Donald Trump. Hispanic Journal of Behavioral Sciences, 41(2), 166–184. doi: 10.1177/0739986319840717. Peer-reviewed.

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Peer-Reviewed Article

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Hispanic Journal of Behavioral Sciences




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