Review- The Development of LDS Temple Worship


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The Development of LDS Temple Worship (DLTW) is the third volume in a remarkable documentary history that focuses on Mormon temple practices from the year 1842 through the end of the last century. The first two volumes, also edited by Devery Anderson with the assistance of Gary J. Bergera, are more narrow in temporal focus as they deal with Joseph Smith’s Quorum of the Anointed: 1842–1845 and with The Nauvoo Endowment Companies: 1845–1846 respectively. Conversely, DLTW spans over 150 years of Mormon policies, questions, adjustments, and explanations, which are related to temple admittance, ordinances, clothing, construction, functioning, etc. The wealth of information it contains, collected in almost 500 pages of text, and the focus on primary sources as opposed to their interpretation, combines to create a reference volume which is likely to be widely used and studied for many years to come.

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Mauro Properzi, Review of “The Development of LDS Temple Worship 1846-2000: a Documentary History,” Devery Anderson ed., International Journal of Mormon Studies 5 (2012), 188-192.

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