Utilizing Spiritual Lifemaps with LDS Clients: Enhancing Cultural Competence in Social Work Practice


Spirituality, Religion, Spiritual assessment, Lifemap, Latter-day Saint, Mormon


Few people realize that the Latter-day Saints (LDS) or Mormon Church currently ranks as the fourth largest religious denomination in the United States. Although spirituality and religion play a central role in the beliefs, lifestyle, and culture, of many LDS clients, very few spiritual assessment tools have been validated with this population. Utilizing a mixed method design, this study modified an existing spiritual assessment tool—spiritual lifemaps—that may be particularly congruent with LDS client populations. A sample of recognized experts in LDS culture (N = 100) examined how consistent the spiritual lifemap assessment tool was with LDS culture, and how consistent the four sample question sets were with LDS culture. Overall, results indicate that the spiritual lifemap assessment tool is consistent with LDS clients’ beliefs, lifestyle, and culture. This study represents an important step at providing more culturally competent practice with LDS clients.

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Limb, G., Hodge, D., *Leckie, R., & Ward, P. (2013). Utilizing spiritual lifemaps with LDS clients: Enhancing cultural competence in social work practice. Clinical Social Work Journal, 41(4), 395-405.

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