The Power of Prayer in Transforming Individuals and Marital Relationships: A Qualitative Examination of Christian, Jewish, and Muslim Families


Prayer, Family, Relationships, Religion


Prayer is a widely practiced religious behavior. Research has associated prayer with various physical, psychological, and relational benefits. This study used in-depth, interview-based qualitative methods to explore how prayer may foster improvement in married individuals as well as in couples’ relationships in a richly diverse sample of 184 religious couples (N = 368 individuals). Qualitative data analyses revealed the following related themes: (a) prayer is a catalyst for change; (b) prayer facilitates humility and positivity; (c) prayer facilitates communication and understanding among couples; and (d) prayer unifies couples and helps in resolving conflict. Illustrative and supportive primary data are presented in connection with each theme. Implications of the findings are discussed.

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Hatch, T. G., Marks, L. D., Bitah, E. A., Lawrence, M., Lambert, N. M., Dollahite, D. C., & Hardy, B. P. (2016). The power of prayer in transforming individuals and marital relationships: A qualitative examination of Christian, Jewish, and Muslim families. Review of Religious Research, 58, 27–46.

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