Using the Text Structures of Information Books to Teach Writing in the Primary Grades


Information text, Text structure, Primary grades, Writing models


Teaching children in the primary grades the text structures and features used by authors of information text has been shown to improve comprehension of information texts and provide the scaffolding and support these children need in order to write their own information texts. As teachers implement the English Language Arts Common Core State Standards (CCSS), they will need support and training on how to meet these increased curricular demands. In this article, we describe how children’s information books can be used as exemplars of well-structured text models to teach young students how to write selected discourse patterns required in the CCSS. As children in the primary grades learn to recognize and use well-structured example information texts as models for their own writing, they will be better prepared to deal with less well-structured, more complex text examples in their reading and writing in the years to come.

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Clark, S. K., Jones, C. D., & Reutzel, D. R. (2013). Using text structures of information books to teach writing in the primary grades. Early Childhood Education Journal, 41(4), 265-271

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