optical constants, yttrium oxide, thin film, refraction


We report optical constants of e-beam evaporated yttrium oxide Y2O3 thin films as determined from angle-dependent reflectance measurements at wavelengths from 5 to 50 nm. Samples were measured using synchrotron radiation at the Advanced Light Source. The experimental reflectance data were fit to obtain values for the index of refraction and thin film roughness. We compare our computed constants with those of previous researchers and those computed using the independent atom approximation from the CXRO website. We found that the index of refraction near 36 nm is much lower than previous data from Tomiki as reported by Palik. The real part of the optical constants is about 10% to 15% below CXRO values for wavelengths between 17 nm and 30 nm. Films were also characterized chemically, structurally, and optically by ellipsometry and atomic force microscopy.

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Joseph B. Muhlestein, Benjamin D. Smith, Margaret Miles, Stephanie M. Thomas, Anthony Willey, David D. Allred, and R. Steven Turley, "Y2O3 optical constants between 5 nm and 50 nm," Opt. Express 27, 3324-3336 (2019)

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