Depressive Symptoms Among Jordanian Youth: Results of a National Survey


Arab adolescents, Jordan, Depression, Youth mental health, Middle East


This study examines level of depression and factors associated with depression among female and male youth in Jordan. The study uses data from a cross-sectional survey conducted among a national sample of 14–25 year old youth attending educational institutions in Jordan (N = 8,129). On average, respondents reported frequently experiencing feelings of sadness (66 %), loss of joy (49 %) and loss of hope in living (43 %). Regression models demonstrated that higher levels of depressive symptoms were observed among females and among youth exposed to violence. Better parent–child relationships were associated with lower depression score. Among males depressive symptoms were associated with poor economic status, low assertiveness and a higher likelihood of alcohol use and smoking. There is a need for mental health prevention programs for youth in Jordan that enhance youth’s social and emotional skills, strengthen parent–child relationships, and reduce violence in school, home and in the community.

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Ismayilova, L., Olimat, H., Alkhasawneh, I., Shaw, S., & El-Bassel, N. (2013). Depressive symptoms among Jordanian youth: Results of a national survey. Community Mental Health Journal, 49, 133-140.

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Peer-Reviewed Article

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Community Mental Health Journal




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