Socializing, Interactions, college-aged students, physical activity


Physical activity has been found to benefit a person in many ways. One of the benefits of being physically active is the social component. This deals with interacting with someone before, during or after the activity. The purpose of this study was to investigate social interactions effects on college-aged students during their physical activity class. For this study 408 college-aged students (272 males & 136 females) participated in this study. College-aged students were surveyed regarding their interactions during their physical activity class. The survey contained Likert scale questions and open-ended questions, requiring the students to respond with written answers. Briefly, it was discovered from these students that their interactions during their physical activity were important them and that the interactions they were having were enjoyable. These results from this study along with other results from this study, highlight another positive benefit that comes from being involved in physical activity.

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