Daily Events for Clinical Couples: Examining Therapy Interventions, Positive Events, Arguments, and Exercise in the Beginning Stage of Therapy


therapy interventions, positive events, arguments, start of therapy


This study examined the daily association of several events within the beginning phase of couple therapy. Events examined were as follows: trying something from therapy, an argument, a positive event, and physical exercise. Participants were 33 couples in a treatment‐as‐usual setting who completed the Daily Diary of Events in Couple Therapy (DDECT). A dyadic multilevel model was used to explore the daily associations between predictor and outcome variables. Results showed when male partners tried something from therapy at rates greater than the average their female partners reported a more positive relationship while when female partners tried something from therapy at rates greater than the average it contributed to a more negative relationship. In addition, results showed that clients in couple therapy rarely try things from therapy on a daily basis. Finally, relative to other predictors trying something from therapy had a smaller, but significant relationship with outcomes.

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Johnson, L.N., Mennenga, K.D, Oka, M., Tambling, R.B, Anderson, S.R., & Yorgason, J. (published online 6/15/17). Daily events for clinical couples: Examining therapy interventions, positive events, arguments, and exercise in the beginning stage of therapy. Family Process. DOI: 10.1111/famp.12301

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