Media and the Family: A Note From the Guest Editors


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To say that ‘‘the media’’ are constantly changing is an understatement. In just a few short years, the face of media has entirely changed. Just over a decade ago, many people did not own a computer, children listened to music on compact CD players, e-mail was just taking off, and cell phones were primarily for the wealthy and were the approximate size of a brick. Now, the vast majority of Americans have a home computer, CDs are becoming extinct as MP3 players gain steam, social networking sites, like Facebook and Twitter, have millions of members, and the majority of Americans (including teenagers and many children) report they could not ‘‘live’’ without their cell phone (Rainie & Keeter, 2006). Teenagers and children are not the only ones who ‘‘can’t live’’ without new media. In a r ecent survey (Popkin, 2011), for example, 3,000 British adults said the top five things they could not ‘‘live without’’ were sunshine, the Internet, clean drinking water, refrigerators, and Facebook

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Coyne, S. M., Bushman. B. J., & Nathanson, A. I. (2012). Media and the family: A note from the guest editors. Family Relations, 61, 359-362.

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