Reviewed Work: A Survey of Agricultural Economics Literature, Vol. 1 by Lee R. Martin


Agricultural Economics, Books, Land Use, Land Policy, Grazing, Farm literature


The entire book review section of the current issue has been devoted to volume 1 of A Survey of Ag- ricultural Economics Literature. Much effort has gone into the preparation of this volume, not only by the authors of individual chapters, but also by those who set the scope for the work, prepared outlines for various sections, and reviewed drafts of manuscripts. Yet there has been no appraisal of the volume as a whole. It was thought that the Journal might be able to make a unique contribution in this regard and also bring more visibility to a project which has concerned such substantial professional resources. Accordingly, three members of the pro- fession have been asked to comment on this volume in its entiret

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Book Review: A Survey of Agricultural Economics Literature, Volume I, American Journal of Agricultural Economics, Volume 60, No. 2, May 1978, pp. 356-359.

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American Journal of Agricultural Economics Literature



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