A Proposal for Reallocation of Federal Grazing: Revisited


Grazing, Ranching, Livestock, Fees, Grazing fees, Public land, Pastures, Forage, Range improvement


Over a quarter of a century ago, I analyzed the alloca- tion procedures utilized by the federal agencies which administer livestock grazing on the public lands (Gardner 1962). Two factors contributing to grazing misallocation and reduced range productivity were identified: (1) the "eligibility" requirements that qualify permittees for graz- ing privileges prevented the utilization of forage by ranchers who would value it most, and (2) use-tenure insecurity resulting from cuts in permitted grazing impeded private investment in range improvements on the public ranges. In a second paper, I proposed that the grazing privilege system be reformed such that efficient alloca- tion of forage and tenure security could be more nearly achieved (Gardner 1963). Following in this paper is further discussion of my proposal to create perpetual grazing rights, why it is still applicable today, and why I believe that little was done to implement it

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A Proposal For Reallocation of Federal Grazing--Revisited. Rangelands, Vol. 11, No. 3, June, 1989, pp. 107-111.

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