appropriate instructional practices, school administrators, physical education


The purpose of this study was to investigate school administrators' knowledge of appropriate instructional practices in physical education. For this study 130 k–12 school administrators from two states in the United States were surveyed regarding their knowledge of appropriate instructional practices in physical education. university Institutional Review Board granted approval to conduct this study. Surveys were sent electronically to the school administrators to take. At the completion of the survey the school administrators were able to click a submit button and have the surveys returned to the researchers. It was found that school administrators identified dodge ball, relay races and elimination tag as appropriate instructional practices. Also, full-sided games (30 students divided into two teams) were appropriate for students to participate in. These instructional practices are considered inappropriate for students to participate in. The implications of this study are to inform school administrators what practices are appropriate and inappropriate. It is hoped that physical educators and school administrators will work together to see that appropriate instructional practices are taught in physical education, thus benefitting students to become competent in their participation in physical activity.

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Barney, D., & Prusak, K. (2016). Do school administrators' know what practices are appropriate in physical education? Asian Journal of Physical Education & Recreation , 22, (1), 53-63 .

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Peer-Reviewed Article

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