flipped classroom, library instruction, information literacy, online tutorials, active learning


We compared search statement development between traditional lecture and flipped instruction sessions using two separate flipped models. Students in lecture sessions scored significantly higher on developing search statements than those in the flipped model 1 sessions. However, student scores were not significantly different between the lecture and the flipped model 2 sessions. Reasons for lower flipped-session scores may include a lack of student accountability, strong preference for a live demonstration, and disconnections between online tutorial content and in-class collaborative activities. Students in all sessions expressed a strong preference for pedagogies that incorporate elements from both lecture and flipped methodologies. Librarians using a flipped classroom should consider ways to help students make meaningful connections between online tutorials and in-class activities.

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Goates, M. C., Frost, M., & Nelson, G. M. (2016, June). Traditional vs. flipped library instruction for the life sciences. Poster session presented at the American Library Association Annual Conference, Orlando, FL.

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