cross-cultural competencies; cross-cultural education; global engineering


Advances in technology have increased the likelihood that engineers will have to work in a global, culturally diverse setting. Many schools of engineering are currently revising their curricula to help students develop cultural competence. However, our ability to measure cultural dispositions can be a challenge. The purpose of this project was to develop and test an instrument that measures the various aspects of cultural disposition. The results of the validation process verified that the hypothesized model adequately represented the data. The refined instrument produced a four factor model for the overall construct. The validation process for the instrument verified the existence of specific subcomponents that form the overall cultural disposition construct. There also seems to be a hierarchical relationship within the subcomponents of cultural disposition. Additional research is needed to explore which aspects of cultural disposition affect an individual’s ability to work effectively on a culturally diverse engineering team.

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Randall Davies, Holt Zaugg & Isaku Tateishi (2014): Design and development of a cross-cultural disposition inventory, European Journal of Engineering Education,

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Peer-Reviewed Article

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European Journal of Engineering Education




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Instructional Psychology and Technology