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Dr. Isakson has been studying literacy and reading for decades and has been working on the Speed and Accuracy test for about 11 years. I worked for her for the last year of the project to pull it all together and polish it up. The Speed and Accuracy Assessment is meant to give a brief insight into a college student's ability to read quickly and gain basic level comprehension of what is provided within a text. Dr. Isakson has been working with students for decades and sympathizes for freshmen in college who academically have done very well before but do poorly in school because they cannot keep up with the heavy reading loads. There are hundreds of reading tests available but many of them take hours to administer or analyze too deeply in a student's ability to make comparisons, read in-between lines, and other higher-level reading skills. The Speed and Accuracy only takes 3 minutes to administer and helps illuminate how quickly a student can read and understand the text without having to reread.

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Presented at 211 Utah Conference on Undergraduate Research February 18, 211 at Weber State University

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