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This presentation reports the results of a project to extend the services and resources of Brigham Young University's Harold B. Lee Library to distance-education students located in many areas of the world. Focusing on students enrolled in university-level English courses, the project team created a one-stop, integrated Web portal of library services and resources in Independent Study courses. This Library portal includes links to subscription databases, interlibrary loan, and personal reference services such as Ask a Librarian Live. The project team promoted faculty members' use of library research in the assignments for their Independent Study English courses. Finally, to ascertain the success of the project and make recommendations for further implementation and improvement, the project team tracked the students' use of library resources for their English courses and evaluated their experience with the portal. The ALA SIRSI's Leader in Library Technology Grant provided funding for the project.

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Washburn, A., Draper, J. (24). 8 miles from the nearest library, with a research paper due monday: Extending library services to distance learners. Journal of Library Administration, 41(3), 57-529.

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