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This presentation reports the findings from our investigation of the professors designated as the most innovative users of technology at our university. After seeking nominations from department heads, we selected thirty-five of the most successful and innovative professors as case studies. After interviewing these cases, and in some instances observing their classes, we identified five major patterns that represented the positive impacts technology was having on their instruction. These patterns were evident in several cases across many different disciplines, indicating they might be generalizable to many different situations and contexts. In our interviews, we identified what technologies these professors were using and how they were using them. In this presentation we will explain the five main practices for using technology to enhance instruction that we learned from these professors, as well as some ideas for how these practices can be more effectively applied in higher education.

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West, R. E. & Graham, C. R. (25). Five Powerful Practices for Using Technology to Enhance Teaching and Learning in Higher Education. Educational Technology. 45(3). 2-27.

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