Implementing an IIoT Core System for Simulated Intelligent Manufacturing in an Educational Environment

Andrew Craig Nemrow, Brigham Young University


In this new digital age, efficiency, quality and competition are all increasing rapidly as companies leverage the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). However, while industrial innovation moves at a faster and faster pace, educational institutions have lagged in the development of the curriculum and environment needed to support further development of the IIoT. To fully realize the potential of the IIoT in the manufacturing sector educational institutions must support the technological training and education rigor demanded to instill the skills and thought leadership to move the industry forward. The purpose of this research is to provide an IIoT core system in an educational factory environment. This system will assist in teaching basic principles of IIoT in the factory while simultaneously allowing for students to envision the manufacturing journey of any facility by implementing principles of IIoT. This will be accomplished by providing all the following capabilities together in a single data system: unified connectivity, role-based data display, real-time issue identification, data analytics, and augmented reality.