This research focuses on the Crash Analysis Methodology for Segments (CAMS) which provides a way for engineers at the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) to prioritize safety improvements on state-owned roadways. Unlike the Utah crash analysis methodologies that come before it, the CAMS focuses exclusively on segment-related crashes. The benefits of such an analysis can be found in identifying locations that have safety concerns unbiased from intersections and their related crashes. The CAMS uses UDOT data to create a spreadsheet of roadway segments and their associated crashes. Each segment is homogeneous with respect to five variables: Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT), functional class, number of lanes, speed limit, and urban code. In the statistical analyses performed on the data, four years of crash data (2014-2017) are used to predict distributions of crashes for the most recent year of data (2018). Observed crash counts are compared to the predicted distributions and assigned a percentile value within the distributions, and segments are subsequently ranked in order of safety concern according to those percentiles. Two-page technical reports are created for segments that rank high in the state or UDOT Region. These reports consist of concise tables of roadway data and crash trends pertaining to each segment. Research analysts also add observations made in virtual site visits to the reports. In the end, the results and the reports are sent to UDOT where UDOT Region engineers may review and study identified segments in further detail. This research also includes modifications made to the Intersection Safety Analysis Methodology (ISAM) which focuses exclusively on intersection-related crashes. The modifications made to the ISAM mirror the abilities of the CAMS, thus allowing the pair of methodologies to analyze the entire state route network without overlapping any crash data.



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Ira A. Fulton College of Engineering and Technology; Civil and Environmental Engineering



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segment safety analysis, hot spot identification, crash analysis, highway safety research, CAMS, ISAM, UDOT