One of the major themes in the Book of Mormon is the promises of the Lord to the house of Israel. Even before Lehi and his family left the promised land, Lehi and Nephi prophesied of the future scattering and gathering of Israel. After the family of Lehi arrived on the Americas, prophets continued to teach about God’s covenants with Israel. The destiny of the house of Israel was a major theme in the books of 1 and 2 Nephi, and also at the end of the Book of Mormon in the teachings of Jesus Christ, Mormon, and Moroni.In Lehi’s prophecy about the house of Israel in 1 Nephi 10, he prophesied that the future remnants of the house of Israel would be scattered and then defined how they would be gathered together again. They would do so by coming to the knowledge of their Lord and Redeemer (see 1 Nephi 10:14, emphasis added). When teaching about the house of Israel, many prophets taught similar principles as Lehi. Additionally, many prophets—including Nephi, Jacob, Alma, Samuel, Jesus Christ, Mormon, and Moroni—alluded to Lehi’s same phrase when they taught about the house of Israel during their own ministries. In the various sermons about the covenants of God with the house of Israel, several prophecies and principles were repeated. All of the major writers on the plates knew that the remnant of Israel would be scattered. They also taught that in the latter days, the gospel would go forth first to the Gentiles, who would in turn gather the scattered remnants of Israel. The instrument and tool by which they would be gathered would be the writings of the Nephite prophets – the Book of Mormon. Most important, the Gentiles and house of Israel would be gathered by coming to the knowledge of Jesus Christ as their Redeemer. The Book of Mormon prophets understood these teachings and engraved them on the plates to come forth to the world in the latter days. This thesis surveys the teachings of the prophets in the Book of Mormon about the gathering of the house of Israel. It also discusses the allusions and references to Lehi’s prophecy about how the Gentiles and house of Israel will be gathered – by coming to the knowledge of Jesus Christ, their Lord and their Redeemer.



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Book of Mormon, Redeemer, house of Israel, covenant, remnant, Jews, Gentiles, scattering, gathering, Lehi