Transfer, a highly researched topic in composition studies, is a topic of increasing interest to those in writing center studies. Writing centers are an ideal location for the application of transfer because tutors can provide more opportunities for guided practice, application, reflection, and metacognition in a one-on-one setting; thus, students may learn more effectively, through application, the writing skills they may receive via instruction in their classrooms. Previous writing center studies have implemented transfer-focused curricula to help tutors better facilitate transfer in their tutorials. These curricula have focused on training tutors to understand and apply transfer to their tutorials, but they have not invited tutors to assess how transfer has impacted or influenced their previously learned tutoring strategies. Though researchers have lectured on transfer, incorporated activities to increase understanding of transfer, and required readings on transfer, we have not yet understood how tutors understand and value transfer in relation to their tutoring strategies and, more importantly, meeting student needs. The curriculum presented here builds on tutors’ prior knowledge about tutoring and builds in ample opportunities for tutors to engage with transfer theory, adapt their understanding into their tutoring, and reflect regularly on and assess their application of understanding transfer. This study examines tutors’ responses to the curriculum, one tutor’s tutorials throughout the duration of the curriculum, and one tutor’s discourse-based interview responses. The results of this study indicate that tutor involvement is vital to understanding what transfer looks like in the writing center and that writing centers will benefit from providing tutors with a broad understanding of transfer that tutors can then incorporate into their understanding of effective tutoring practices.



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transfer, writing center, transfer-focused curriculum, transfer-focused tutor training