The 2009 edition of the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) recommends a pedestrian walking speed of 3.5 feet per second for use in the timing of pedestrian clearance intervals at signalized intersections (reduced from 4.0 feet per second in the 2003 edition). Jurisdictions across the state of Utah continue to maintain pedestrian walking speeds of 4.0 feet per second for normal intersections with guidance on engineering judgement for areas where a lower pedestrian walking speed should be considered. In 2018, it was decided that the current state guidance with regard to pedestrian walking speeds be evaluated for any needed changes, such as adopting the national guidance found in the 2009 MUTCD. To evaluate pedestrian walking speeds at signalized intersections, 15 sites throughout the state of Utah were studied, producing a total of 2,061 observations of pedestrian crossing events. These crossing events were evaluated to calculate walking speeds in relation to pedestrian demographics at each location. Evaluated demographics included pedestrian group size, gender, mobility status, age category, alertness, and potential distractions. Upon completion of data collection, a statistical analysis was conducted to determine mean and 15th percentile pedestrian walking speeds by demographic. The data collection procedure, data analysis, and limited recommendations for pedestrian start-up delay and pedestrian walking speeds as used in signal timing are discussed in this report. The data suggest that Utah continue to maintain its guidance of 4.0 feet per second walking speeds at most signalized intersections, while exercising engineering judgment at locations containing high pedestrian volumes or locations containing high percentages of elderly or disabled pedestrians.



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Ira A. Fulton College of Engineering and Technology; Civil and Environmental Engineering



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pedestrian, pedestrian start-up delay, pedestrian walking speeds, pedestrian age, pedestrian mobility, pedestrian clearance intervals, signalized intersections, Utah