Heber J. Grant: A Study of Gospel-Oriented Family RelationshipsRobert Richard Pommerening IIIDepartment of Religious Education, BYUMaster of ArtsUnder the direction of President Gordon B. Hinckley, the fifteenth president of TheChurch of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the Church released the document, The Family: AProclamation to the World. The Proclamation outlines core values of family life, which ifconsistently practiced can lead to successful family relationships. Through a study of hispersonal journals, letters, and recorded anecdotes from his life, these values can be identified inHeber J. Grants life. As one studies the Proclamation alongside President Grant (particularly theinteractions he had with his mother, wives and children), a portrayal of the man came into focusthat has not been previously scrutinized through scholarly work, Heber J. Grant as a family man.Chapter one begins with the special relationship Heber shared with his mother Rachel. Itoutlines some of the trials and successes they faced together. As Heber grew into manhood,chapter two focuses on his plural marriage relationships during era of the Edmunds-Tucker act. Itexplains some of the challenges the Grant family faced as they lived in a plural marriage during atime when plural marriages were deemed illegal. Chapter three highlights Heber as a care takerfor his aging mother, wives Lucy Stringham, Emily Wells, and numerous sick children. Thepractices of President Grant in the home, including holding Family Home Evening are exploredin chapter four. Chapter five emphasizes President Grants example of personal righteousnesswithin his familial relationships. The leisurely activities of the Grant family are emphasized inchapter six as Heber shared family vacations, cultural events, golf games, and even honeymoonswith his immediate and extended family. Chapter seven details the generosity of President Grantand his desire to share of his material wealth with family members, friends, and strangers. Theteachings of President Grant on the doctrine of the family as taught to the Church of Jesus Christof Latter-day Saints are presented in chapter eight. The final chapter concludes with the agingPresident nearing death and how his legacy of love and family devotion continued through hisliving relatives. This thesis provides research into how President Grant implemented principles of theFamily Proclamation in his own home. This research can serve as a model for members of TheChurch of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints desiring to strengthen their relationships and unitywithin the family.



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Heber J. Grant, The Family: A Proclamation to the World, family, proclamation, Edmunds-Tucker Act, Family Home Evening, Rachel Ridgway Ivins Grant, Lucy Stringham, Grant, Emily Harris Wells Grant, Hulda Augusta Winters Grant, Lucy Grant Cannon