Applying engineering principles to tessellation origami-based designs enables the control of certain design properties, such as flexibility, bending stiffness, mechanical advantage, shape conformance, and deployment motion. The ability to control these and other properties will enable augmented design capabilities in environments which currently limit the design to specific materials, including space, medicine, harsh environments, and scaled environments (such as MEMS applications). Other applications will be able to achieve more complex motions or better satisfy design and performance requirements.This research demonstrates augmented design capabilities of origami tessellations in engineering design in rigid-foldable and non-rigid-foldable applications. First, a method to determine Poisson's ratio and mechanical advantage for deployable, rigid-foldable tessellations is presented. The results enable the selection and tailoring of patterns based on deployment motion of specific patterns.Secondly, a model that predicts the deployment stability of the non-rigid-foldable triangulated cylinder is presented. This model defines the geometry needed to obtain a maximum deployed height, always return to a closed position, or remain in either the open or closed configurations. The Stability Transition Ratio is the ratio of the inner to outer diameter that marks the point between monostable and bistable behavior in a triangulated cylinder and is dependent only on the number of sides.Lastly, this work presents methods to reduce sag in adult diapers by increasing shape conformance, promoting wicking capabilities, and improving the structure through the implementation of origami tessellations. Several basic fold patterns were evaluated and the results reported. Reducing sag increases comfort and decreases leaking.



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Ira A. Fulton College of Engineering and Technology; Mechanical Engineering



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origami, predictable behavior, triangulated cylinder, tessellations, adult diapers