The purpose of the present study was to gain more knowledge about single individuals with specific premarital risk factors for later marital problems (e.g. neuroticism or low emotional readiness, family-of-origin dysfunction, poor communication skills, and hostile conflict resolution style). The sample (N=39) completed the RELATionship Evaluation (RELATE) and were selected for the study based on the presence of one or more risk factors. Participants were contacted via email and asked to complete an online version of the Relationship Follow-up Questionnaire (RFQ) to determine their knowledge or awareness of their risk factor(s) after taking RELATE, their motivation for premarital interventions after taking RELATE, their perceived roadblocks or barriers hindering participation in premarital interventions, and their post-RELATE marriage preparation behaviors including their post-RELATE relationship breakups. The results showed that the RELATE increased an at-risk individual's knowledge or awareness of risk factors, increased their motivation for premarital interventions, and had little to no effect on the break-up of relationships. At-risk individuals reported the major roadblocks or barriers to participation in premarital interventions as being time, money, being uninformed, and the perceived distance/inconvenience of interventions. At-risk individuals' post-RELATE behaviors included discussing the RELATE results with their partner and friends and utilizing books and articles related to marriage. They did not report utilizing individual or couples counseling. Practitioners can use this information to make premarital interventions more appealing to at-risk individuals and encourage the use of the RELATE to increase participation in premarital interventions and help prevent later marital problems.



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Family, Home, and Social Sciences; Family Life; Marriage and Family Therapy



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at-risk, premarital, risk factors, premarital risk factors, RELATionship Evaluation, RELATE, Relationship Follow-up Questionnaire, neuroticism, family-of-origin dysfunction, communication skills, hostile conflict resolution style, awareness, motivation, roadblocks, post-RELATE marriage preparation behaviors, premarital interventions