Although the implementation of the Common Core State Standards has included more informational texts in early grades to emphasize reading to gain knowledge (Green, 2012; Roskos & Neuman, 2014), the lack of available expository assessments leaves teachers unsure of what students need to know in order to be successful comprehenders of these texts (Hall, Markham, & Culatta, 2005; Harding, 2014). Moreover, there are very few early expository assessments available which makes it difficult for teachers to monitor young children's expository text knowledge and skills and then adjust their instruction to meet children's unique needs. The EECA R-2 is an early expository assessment measure that was created in order to meet these demands. Data from 128 preschoolers between the ages of four and five in seven different Title I classrooms were collected to determine the reliability and validity of the EECA R-2. Children were given the Test of Story Comprehension (TSC) subtest of the Narrative Language Measures (NLM) Preschool Assessment as well as two versions of the EECA R-2. A Many Facets Rasch model was used to determine reliability and to allow for examination of individual test items. In addition, correlations were run between the NLM and the EECA to determine the validity of the EECA. Results indicate the EECA R-2 is a reliable and valid measure. High reliability was obtained for all facets (rater .00, person .97, and form .96). Items 6-13, 15, 18, and 23 were deemed quality items. Items 1, 2, 5, 15, 16, 20, 21, 25, and 26 were deemed problematic items. There was a positive correlation between the TSC subtest of the NLM Preschool Assessment and the EECA R-2 tasks (r=.76, p= ≤.01). Future research could include another rendition of the EECA in order to gain a better understanding of the problematic items. Doing so could support teachers in assessing student abilities and preparing classroom instruction that targets specific areas of focus to move learning to higher levels.



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David O. McKay School of Education; Teacher Education



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comprehension assessment, expository text, preschool