This course has been written to present a simplified version of the Book of Mormon for use with students whose reading skills are below average. It was specifically designed for released-time Indian seminary students. The Indian students often find it very hard to compete with white students in seminary. Where this problem exists teachers have found it advisable to form all-Indian classes.

Released-time Indian seminary classes are a recent addition to the L.D.S. Seminary system. In the 1962-63 school year two such classes were held. The future holds promise that many more will be instituted. Teaching the Book of Mormon to released-time Indian students requires a course of study quite different from those employed to teach white students. Until the time of this writing such a course of study had not been made. For this reason this course was developed. It was first used in a released-time seminary class composed of Ute and Navaho Indians. The course was taught during the 1962-63 school year at the Blanding Seminary in Blanding, Utah. It covers a major part of the material in the Book of Mormon. In form it continually evolved as new and better ideas were discovered. The final product incorporates the best of these ideas. In make-up it consists of a text and a series of sixty-nine lessons. The text is composed of rewritten and simplified material taken from the Book of Mormon. The lessons are made to follow the directional objectives and the standard format of the L.D.S. Seminary system. Motivational items are included for each lesson. As a special feature the course includes a plan for building the vocabulary of the students who study it. It also includes suggestions on how the course can be modified in order to meet a variety of uses.



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