A. Purpose of this Thesis:
1. To present the variants between the Authorized Version of Genesis and the Inspired Revision of Genesis as published by the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and
2. To indicated the implications of the most significant variants.

B. Significance of This Thesis:
1. This thesis helps to clarify the position of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in regard to the problem of the Pentateuch. This is one of the most important, if not the most important, of the literary problems of the Bible; and the Latter-day Saint position concerning it needs further analysis and clarification, because many Latter-day Saints consider that the critical view is sound, apparently because they have not been made aware of the basic conflicts between it and the modern Scriptures of the Latter-day Saints. This Thesis reveals the relationship of the Inspired Revision of Genesis and The Book of Moses to the problem of the Pentateuch.
2. This thesis also presents the portions of the textual material of The Book of Moses and The Book of Abraham, which correspond to the Inspired Revision of Genesis, aligned vertically with the textual material of the Inspired Revision so the reader can readily see the similarities and the differences.

C. Method of Presenting the Data:
1. In order that the reader might obtain a clearer picture of the data and their implications, the presentation of the data is preceded by "A Survey of the Origin and History of the Authorized Version of the Bible," and "A Survey of the History and Origin of the Inspired Revision of the Bible by Joseph Smith, Jr.".
2. The variants between the texts compared are made to stand out conspicuously by means of a special interlinear system devised by the writer.
a. The Text of the Authorized Version is assigned the top position, and the full text of it only is written out. Only the variants of the other texts compared are written out.
b. The text of the Inspired Revision is assigned the position beneath that of the Authorized Version; and wherever the wording of the two are identical, the space assigned to the Inspired Revision is left blank. Ditto marks are not used.



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Religious Education; Church History and Doctrine



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Bible, O.T., Old Testament, Genesis