This report was sponsored by the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) to determine if stream restoration structures could be used as scour countermeasures near state highways and bridges. Scour countermeasures that are effective in preventing erosion exist but that are not so friendly for aquatic organisms. UDOT is interested in finding a countermeasure that is both effective in preventing erosion while not harming aquatic organisms. Stream restoration structures are friendly for aquatic organisms but are prone to failure when flows exceed the design levels. David Rosgen has developed restoration structures that are friendly for aquatic organisms and that have provided streambank protection. These structures are the J-Hook vane, Cross-Vane and W-Weir. Based research done in this report, Cross-Vanes and W-Weirs are best suited to protect bridges because they will protect both sides of a stream bank. For these restoration structures to be reliable at higher flows and shear stresses experienced at bridges, they must follow the design criteria specified in this report. One of the most important design requirements is that the structures designed by David Rosgen have an attached floodplain where the structure meets the streambank. The floodplain disperses the energy of the flow, reducing shear stress. In the vicinity of some bridges, a floodplain cannot be implemented. In such cases, culverts can be installed at the floodplain level, that pass under the bridge to help reduce shear stresses, mimicking a floodplain. Cross-Vanes and W-Weirs can be used to protect bridges and other infrastructure. Based on modeling and comparing restoration structures to a labyrinth weir, they still have an impact on higher flows. At higher than design flows, such as experienced at bridges, the structures help to reduce shear stresses. To further investigate their use as a scour countermeasure near bridges, it is recommended that a structure be installed near a bridge following this report's design criteria. This will be determined depending on available funding.



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Ira A. Fulton College of Engineering and Technology; Civil and Environmental Engineering



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stream restoration, David Rosgen, bankfull, scour, bridge stability, streambank stability, Cross-Vane, W-Weir, abutments, piers