Project teams that deliver high risk, complex projects in the civil construction industry need tools to enable successful delivery. Construction Manager/General Contractor (CM/GC) is an innovative alternate delivery method, providing one such a tool. CM/GC furnishes public agencies with an attractive option for delivering projects in a less adversarial and more constructive manner by involving the contractor during design. The sophisticated public owner does not have to relinquish control of the details of the design in order to accelerate the schedule or see the benefits of real-time cost estimating data. There are also significant cost and schedule benefits with not degradation in quality. However, because CM/GC is relatively unknown to the civil construction industry much remains to be investigated about how CM/GC processes effect successful project delivery. This research investigated how CM/GC processes affect the three critical elements of construction process risks (including quality, schedule, cost and collaboration), project specific risks, and innovation. By identifying the processes that benefit these elements, successes can be repeated and increased. Additionally, an understanding of the differences in the perception of CM/GC processes, given by contractors, owners, and design engineers, provided perspective into improving the process. Analyzing data on current CM/GC projects and programs, as well as the compiled experience of field-experienced project teams, provided the information the industry needs to pursue implementation. Identified advantages of the process can be tied to strategies for successful delivery. Identified disadvantages expose barriers to implementation to be overcome by the project team. Project teams state that while the process does have disadvantages, many are perceptional and not fatal flaws to the method. Findings of this research link CM/GC processes to robust risk management results and the opportunity for successful innovation.



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Ira A. Fulton College of Engineering and Technology; Technology



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CM/GC, project delivery methods, innovation, risk management



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Construction Management (CM)