Compiler-Inserted Runtime Adaptation (CIRA) is a compilation and runtime adaptation strategy which has great potential for increasing performance in multicore systems. In this strategy, the compiler inserts directives into the application which will adapt the application at runtime. Its ability to overcome the obstacles of architectural and environmental diversity coupled with its flexibility to work with many programming languages and styles of applications make it a very powerful tool. However, it is not complete. In fact, there are many pieces still needed to accomplish these lofty goals. This work describes the automatic discovery of parallelism inherent in an application and the generation of an intermediate representation to expose that parallelism. This work shows on six benchmark applications that a significant amount of parallelism which was not initially apparent can be automatically discovered. This work also shows that the parallelism can then be exposed in a representation which is also automatically generated. This is accomplished by a series of analysis and transformation passes with only minimal programmer-inserted directives. This series of passes forms a necessary part of the CIRA toolchain called the concurrency compiler. This concurrency compiler proves that a representation with exposed parallelism and locality can be generated by a compiler. It also lays the groundwork for future, more powerful concurrency compilers. This work also describes the extension of the intermediate representation to support hierarchy, a prerequisite characteristic to the creation of the concurrency compiler. This extension makes it capable of representing many more applications in a much more effective way. This extension to support hierarchy allows much more of the parallelism discovered by the concurrency compiler to be stored in the representation.



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Ira A. Fulton College of Engineering and Technology; Electrical and Computer Engineering



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Compiler-Inserted Runtime Adaptation, CIRA, concurrency compiler, hierarchy, task descriptor, relationship descriptor