The Memory and The Legacy: The Whittlin' Whistlin' Brigade - The Young Company 1974-2001, is a history of the children's theatre of Brigham Young University. The Whittlin' Whistlin' Brigade - The Young Company acts as a training ground for graduate students working in theatre for young audiences. Then directing a production for The Whittlin' Whistlin' Brigade - The Young Company, students are instructed to perform all functions required of a professional company. As the The Whittlin' Whistlin' Brigade - The Young Company (WWB-TYC) spends much of its performance time on tour, those responsibilities are relegated to the students. Developed and headed by Dr. Harold R. Oaks of Brigham Young University, WWB-TYC produced children's theatre for local, regional, national and international audiences. The history includes production photos, budgets and business plans. A survey of former company members was conducted assessing the long-term affect on participants in relationship to their personal and professional life. This thesis is also in electronic form using animation, musical and narrative audio, an interactive menu and a photo-gallery. Text is available in HTML and PDF format with 'print' capability. A tutorial is included to aid in possible navigational concerns. Working within an electronic medium has facilitated the accessibility of a considerable collection of material highly diverse in nature. Twenty-seven years of production notes, performance programs, production photos, music, scripts, budgets, permissions, required licensing, travel arrangements and itineraries, performance schedules, educational/clientele data and historical developmental notes of the children's theater program itself presented not only volumes of material but also brought specific inclusion needs. In addition, the results of a program survey of the program will be presented in graph and chart format. Determined needs include: 1. A history of children's theater both nationally and at Brigham Young University. 2. Supporting documentation of program development and implementation. 3. Survey results of WWB-TYC participants.



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