In order to enhance the effective use of peer review, I have developed materials to assist teachers in compliance with the standards for Masters' projects enacted by the Department of Linguistics and English Language. Published literature shows that as peer review grows in popularity in both L1 and L2 English writing classes, many researchers and teachers are trying to increase its effectiveness. In some cases it is very effective, while in others it is marginally effective. This has led researchers to ask why. The difference between helpful and less helpful peer review seems to be in the preparation. In studies where students were specifically and extensively prepared to do peer review, the benefits to the students, the class, and the effect on the revision process were significant. This indicates that peer review can be an effective tool when students are adequately prepared for the task. After synthesizing research, I determined that there are eight basic, useable concepts that need to be accomplished when preparing students for peer review; they are:

1. Knowing each other

2. Knowing what to look for

3. Knowing why to give advice

4. Know how to give advice

5. Knowing how to use advice

6. Practicing peer review

7. Following up weekly

8. Reviewing at midsemester

I developed a curriculum component addressing these eight concepts that augments theory with application, such as materials and lesson plans, and implemented and tested them at the English Language Center at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. Based on feedback from the teachers involved in the pilot study, I determined that preparing students for peer review has a positive effect on the students, their writing, and on the class as a whole Furthermore, the most important outcome of the pilot studies was the fact that students prefer reader response peer review activities rather than criterion critique.



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